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Our History

We have been making handmade wooden rims since 1948.

It all began....

.... one day in 1948 when Dario Brusati appointed Cavaliere del lavoro by then Prime Minister Giuseppe Saragat, started the production of wooden rims by founding the company BIAN. CO.

​He put in the enterprise all the accumulated experience in previous activities Woodworking in multinational companies, to realize a cylindrical packaging to contain liquids, naval aircraft models, all made of wood.​​


Dario had great and sophisticated experience in choosing the woods then used in the various projects he was called upon to create. Hence the choice of two woods: ash and hickory, which have characteristics of unmatched strength, smoothness and flexibility. He also succeeded in passing on to his heirs with precise technical specifications, designs and unique details, the entire constructional heritage of these works of art that are wooden rims.

​Not only the technique for choosing the wood, but also waiting for the right time for cutting, seasoning, and working the strips in the right direction of the grain. This process for carefully choosing and cutting the wood with the right wait for seasoning will provide the rim with a durability and stability still unmatched by any rim on the market today.​


For about twenty years these rims have been used in all the most important competitive sports races including the Paris Roubaix. Historic and countless victories of Virginio Levati testimonial and color bearer of Bian.Co. rims.


Dario Brusati founds Bian.Co based on skills acquired in the field of woodworking

In the 70 ’ies then everything was passed on to the hands of his son Adriano, who founded the company CBL located in Limbiate near Milano, that continued the work of his father up until today.


For more than a decade Adriano sponsored several racing teams of different classes, that reported numerous and relevant racing victories. These rims have been supplied in all the world and have participated in the most important exhibitions and fairs such as the stand of Clement. Beside as well as having been subjected to stringent quality tests from the U.S. company Raleigh.


It is the only wooden rim in production today that can boast decades of victories in competitive sports in all fields, road, track, cross and tandem. Athletes of the caliber of Fiorenzi Magni, Virginio Levati, Maria Canins and Gianluca Bortolami have raced and trained with these stunning rims. 

Adriano Brusati founded the CBL and continued the sports tradition, sponsoring numerous champions, in various two-wheel sports disciplines

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Sons of Adriano, Davide e Dario, and the grandson Alessandro discovered stored a pile of wooden rims, constructed in previous two decades from Dario & Adriano and decided to offer them to all fans of this wonderful and unique product.


In this storehouse were also machinery and specifications of the materials used at the time of production of these rims.

Exciting are the Feedbacks of the purchasers of these rims.

The enthusiasm is contagious and along with the request to produce them "as once made" a decision is made to continue making them and also to expand the product portfolio: the Roubaix wooden rim, the progenitor of all other types, will be joined by the "Vigorelli", "Fiandre", "Sanremo", "Viaggio", "Bacchetta" types. 

CBItalia is founded, which will continue the work of the grandfathers and great-grandfathers using all the experience, craftsmanship and the same machinery passed down since that distant 48′.


In this laboratory, the time has stopped, all the rims are handmade and individually checked.


Each Rim is unique!